What can i do with SalesBook;

Aim the market and the mobile devices!

Easy data import and export. You can import your PDF catalogs without any further processing or training your staff. Supports massive import by drag&drop, something that allows you to publish hundreds of pages in minutes.

With the smart data synchronization you succeed data saving and faster load catalogs. At the same time your customers and your partners have your products on their device at anytime with no need of internet connection and any cost of it.

Present your business on Google Play, Google's global marketplace, and make available your catalogs to your customers as retail application. At the same time SalesBook B2B solution is supported for use by your partners/salesmen as a powerful sales tool.

Supports InDesign and Publisher via plugin, the most popular tools from Adobe and Microsoft to create catalogs and presentations.

Easy sending of some or the whole catalog to the customer by email. Sending is designed in such way that runs in seconds even if you have large volumes of data.